Blind Way MIFFEST 2017 online movie

თებერვალი 27, 2017

Blind Way MIFFEST 2017

Blind Way MIFFEST 2017 online movie

Blind Way MIFFEST 2017

Blind Put (MIFFEST) Zhao Liang Jing Jing was a blind girl from a gang of gangster named and gang leader Guo Wei, with them to flee and hit. Zhao Liang was sent to the police station, but the police could not find the house, so that his father lies Liang esatenZhao the police. There is no other choice to return home Zhao Liang personally, but learns that her family is poor, and his father went on to abuse her. Disgrace over their situation,Zhao Jing Jing Lian spend Amalund leaving his money. Even at home, OnGuo Zhao Liang Jing meets Jing Wei and discovered that it was sold again. As she can not leave alone, Zhao Liang decided to go to her from the gang and save.

Language: Basque

Ranking: 18

General information: 28 March 2017

Genre: Crime / Family

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

Distribution: Film jaialdianantolatzaileak

Build Li Yang, the Hanmeng, Hu Ming, Ju Jue

Director Li Yang

Format: 2D

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